The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) is the national association for family physicians. RHEDI engages in advocacy efforts on the national and state levels to ensure full spectrum reproductive health care services and training are within the scope of practice for family medicine.

To learn more about how to engage in AAFP organizing and advocacy efforts at the local and national levels, please read through the AAFP National Advocacy Primer made by our partners at RHAP.


AAFP Resolutions

One of the primary ways that RHEDI engages in AAFP advocacy efforts is by collaborating with partner organizations to propose resolutions and policies to the AAFP that support high quality, comprehensive reproductive health care services and training within family medicine.

Click here for current and previous reproductive health resolutions drafted by RHEDI and our partners, RHAP and TEACH.

We also encourage family physicians, especially family medicine residents, to get involved in the AAFP through resolution writing. To learn more about how to write a resolution, take a look at our Five Steps to a Resolution handout.


National Conference of Residents & Students

RHEDI offers the Scholarship for AAFP Conference Support for residents from RHEDI programs to attend the AAFP National Conference for Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students. This scholarship is for residents interested in getting involved in AAFP advocacy related to the integration of full-spectrum reproductive health care in family medicine. Email for more information.