If you are in an environment where you are comfortable using posters, the following list may be helpful.

ETR Associates
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"After sex, you still have 3-5 days to prevent pregnancy" poster (English on one side, Spanish on the other).

Feminist Women’s Health Center
Rebecca Walker’s supportive message to women seeking abortions (also available in Spanish). "Mi vida - Mi cuerpo - Mi decision" poster

Hope Clinic for Women
"Women Know" poster (also available in Spanish) affirms the wisdom and compassion of women choosing to have an abortion.

Medical Students for Choice
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"Because the biggest obstacle to safe and legal abortions isn’t the law, it’s the absence of trained providers…" poster.

National Abortion Federation
"Sister, Daughter, Mother: A few names women who’ve had an abortion actually deserve to be called" poster (also available in Spanish).
"Our doctors have learned everything there is to know about making abortion safe: except what to wear to work" poster.

Prochoice Public Education Project
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Poster of a car with the words, "Abortion Clinic."
Poster of a dirty bathroom with the words, "Operating Room."
Poster of a back alley with the words, "Patient Recovery Area."
Poster with the words, "State Mandate: According to state law, married women are required to obtain their husbands’ permission prior to entering the workforce – If a woman loses her reproductive rights, who knows what rights she could lose next." (Other examples available)

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
”No woman is required to build the world by destroying herself” poster
“Abortion is a personal decision” poster
"Pro-Faith, Pro-Family, Pro-Choice" poster

Reproductive Health Technologies Project
Emergency Contraception posters
“Back Up Your Birth Control with EC” poster
"After the Fact, After the Act" poster.