The following codes can be used when performing MVA:

Diagnosis code 635.92 (Legally induced abortion, without mention of complication, complete). Please check ICD-9 manual for other codes for abortion with complications). Five-digit diagnosis code needed.

CPT (Procedure) Codes

59840 (Induced abortion, by dilation & curettage)
76817 (Transvaginal ultrasound, pregnant uterus) or 76815 (Limited ultrasound, pregnant uterus)
J2000 (Lidocaine)
64435 (Injection, Nerve Block, Paracervical nerve)
A4550 (Surgical Tray)
99000 Specimen Handling
J2210 (Methergine)
90385 (MicroRogham)
90772 (Therapeutic Injection)

In addition, submit codes for appropriate lab tests if done in office.