Supporting abortion training in U.S. primary care residencies since 2004.

Since the Dobbs decision, training the next generation of abortion providers is more important than ever. Your donation will support RHEDI’s work to establish abortion training residency programs across the country and integrate abortion care into family medicine.

To advance our mission of mainstreaming and destigmatizing abortion care, RHEDI is offering a line of stickers, magnets, buttons, and other materials that state “Abortion is a SAFE topic here.” They affirm decades of research about the safety of both medication and procedural abortion and our determination to push back against government restrictions that criminalize patients seeking essential health care. The stickers and magnets also feature a QR code with links to abortion access resources. Please display them in your office, your car, your home, or anywhere else where people need to know that abortion is safe and can be discussed without shame or judgment!

For a $10 donation, you’ll receive five stickers and a magnet.

For a donation of $25 or more, you’ll receive five stickers, a magnet, and a button.