Aspiration Abortion Unit

This unit provides curricular resources for aspiration abortion.

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Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Protocol
This protocol provides basic requirements for implementing Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) abortion services at a family medicine teaching site. This interactive version also includes pop-up citations...
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Options Counseling Videos
These videos model patient-centered, compassionate, non-directive counseling, and demonstrate reproductive health care as a part of the continuity of care family physicians provide their patients.
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Comparison of Early Abortion Options
This resource is based on a patient-centered comparison chart of early abortion options. This interactive version allows you to click or tap tooltip text for citations and practice tips.
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Information for Patients after Aspiration Abortion
This document is designed to model a patient-centered, evidence-based approach to instructions given to patients following an aspiration abortion.
Interactive Tray for Manual Vacuum Aspiration
This interactive exercise provides a comprehensive review of each instrument on the tray for Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA), along with the 'no touch' technique.
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Aspiration Abortion Training Videos
These videos present one model of resident training before, during, and after a manual vacuum aspiration abortion that takes place in a family medicine setting.
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Virtual Papaya Workshops
Papaya workshops demonstrate the simplicity, safety, and speed of manual vacuum aspiration for early abortion and miscarriage management, using fruit as uterine models. 
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Uterine Aspiration Simulation Workshop
Developed by Innovating Education, this workshop is intended to teach the steps of first-trimester abortion using an animated video of the procedure.
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Abortion Training Curriculum: Uterine Aspiration Procedure
Developed by TEACH, this chapter includes clinical and learning tools to support aspiration abortion provision and training. Click on Contents for additional sections relating to aspiration training.
later abortion initiative
Incremental Expansion of Abortion Care
Helps clinicians expand abortion access by independently and safely expanding their practice from 13.6 weeks to 17 weeks. Part of the Later Abortion Initiative developed by Ibis Reproductive Health....