This unit provides curricular resources that center an anti-racist, justice-based approach to SRH teaching and provision.

Unit Introduction

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Sterilization Violence
This module provides an introduction to longstanding patterns of sterilization violence and coercion in the United States, much of it perpetuated by medical professionals.
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Criminalizing Pregnancy
This module places current restrictions on abortion care in the broader context of surveillance, control, and criminalization of pregnant people, especially those who are low-income, Black, Brown, or members...
LARC and Contraceptive Coercion
This module explores the history and current patterns of contraceptive coercion in the U.S., and their roots in eugenic and white supremacist theories of population control.
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Captive Patients: Gynecology, Slavery, and the Rise of American Medicine
In this module, you will have the opportunity to learn and explore how people who were enslaved both forcibly and by their own volition, contributed to the discipline of Gynecology as we know it, teach...