RHEDI (Reproductive Health Education in Family Medicine) works to expand patient-centered abortion and contraceptive training in family medicine residency education using a reproductive justice lens that centers marginalized communities and stems from a larger human rights framework. As part of our effort to diversify the family medicine workforce in SRH/abortion, we are launching a new Resident Scholars Program for Workforce Diversity (RSPWD), aimed toward engaging and supporting under-represented minorities in medicine. We will select 6 to 8 applicants for the RSPWD, which will run the entire PGY 2 year.

The RSPWD will consist of:

  • 5-6 virtual meetings of the cohort, which will include a combination of:
    • Webinars/workshops led by RHEDI staff, mentors, and guest speakers on topics such as RJ, structural competence, and the role of white supremacy in medicine, integrating abortion and other SRH care into post-residency practice, and training in aspiration (papaya workshops) and medication abortion
    • Leadership training
    • Reporting back on conferences, space to share progress and ideas on engaging medical students, journal club meetings, film screenings
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 meetings with outside SRH-engaged, Family Medicine-trained mentors who identify as BIPOC
  • Full scholarships (registration, travel, food) to 1 medical conference and 1 reproductive justice conference*Conferences may include: the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine’s Annual Spring Conference, the Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting, National Abortion Federation’s Annual Meeting, the American Academy of Family Physicians’ National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students, Let’s Talk About Sex!, JusticeNOW, Take Root – Red State Reproductive Justice.
  • Scholar-led outreach to medical students at their institutions
  • If desired, project support (including but not limited to: advice on project design, and review of protocol/data instruments and abstracts for conferences)

Expectations for Scholars

  • Participation in all virtual meetings
  • For sponsored conferences, in-person meet up with other cohort members and mentors/RHEDI staff, and post-conference report-back with entire cohort
  • Conduct outreach to medical students (1-2 events) to educate and interest them in providing abortion care in a family medicine setting


Residents at U.S. family medicine residency programs who will be 2nd year residents in 2022-2023 are invited to apply. Residents do not need to be at a RHEDI program to be eligible. Priority will be given to residents with a demonstrated interest in SRH/abortion care within family medicine who identify as under-represented minorities.

To apply, please provide the following:

  • Personal statement (no more than 500 words) that addresses the following:
    • How you heard about this scholarship opportunity
    • Why you are applying and what you hope to gain from participating
    • Career objectives
    • Brief description of any abortion and contraception training received so far
    • Any aspects of personal background, accomplishments, or achievements that demonstrate interest in or commitment to SRH/abortion care within family medicine
  • One letter of support, preferably from your residency program. Alternatively, you may submit a letter from a current or previous teacher, mentor, or supervisor; ideally it would be from someone who can speak to your interest in and commitment to SRH/abortion care in family medicine
  • Curriculum vitae

The application cycle for 2021-22 has closed, but please sign up for our Newsletter or follow us on Twitter to hear about updates for the 2022-2023 cycle.