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Reproductive Justice Webinar

This is the first session in a RHEDI hosted series focused on Reproductive Justice and other topics essential to our work and mission. A recording of the webinar, featuring Monica Simpson, the Executive Director of SisterSong, is available here.
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RHEDI developed these counseling videos to serve as teaching tools. The opportunities for residents to see and learn from counseling sessions may be limited. These videos aim to model patient-centered, compassionate, non-directive counseling. Additionally, these videos aim to demonstrate reproductive health care as a part of the continuity of care family physicians provide their patients. An accompanying discussion guide is available for each video to help facilitate conversation and to deepen learners’ knowledge and skills about options counseling.

Ideas for Implementation

  • Show the video during intern orientation, group didactics, or any other discussions about patient-centered care or general options counseling.
  • Enlist PGY3 residents to lead or co-faciliate the discussion.
  • Involve a behavior health faculty member to facilitate the discussion.
  • Show the entire case once through and allow for initial reactions. Then re-watch, pausing after each scene for detailed discussion.
  • Follow up with role play and observation exercises.