Offer opt-out training in abortion and sexual and reproductive health (SRH), using the Reproductive Justice framework.


Offer opt-out abortion and SRH training, and meet RHEDI program expectations.

Programs supportive of full-spectrum SRH training.



In addition to our certified RHEDI programs, these programs are also known to be supportive of full spectrum reproductive health training. These programs may vary from our certified RHEDI programs in the amount and type of training available, but provide additional opportunities for interested applicants who wish to consider programs in areas where RHEDI programs may not be available, or who are seeking a wider variety of options. We are unable to verify the exact type and amount of training provided but encourage applicants to connect directly with each program to learn more about their training opportunities.

Note: This list identifies only those residency programs that authorized the use of their names; other programs may also offer abortion training but chose not to be listed.

Applying to Residency Programs?

Be sure to check out the residency interview guide developed by Medical Students for Choice.